Gioco di Ruoli Stehlampe von Emanuele Pricolo für Studio140

1 095.00 EUR
The idea behind the Gioco di Ruoli (Roleplaying) lamp is a game of roles. It is nice to take a cue, for our sense of reality, from useless objects devoid of an apparent meaning, but which, in a way, attract our attention. This is how the Gioco di Ruoli lamp was born, from a piece of abandoned chestnut wood, once part of something bigger but now too small for any other use. It was saved and given a second chance, and it is here that the game is born, reversing the roles from useless to fundamental: Now it steals the scene holding unto itself a lamp that warms and illuminates the environment; a slender iron pedestal then emits the light with elegance and personality. The designers have kept that original, and today it will be reproduced to order while retaining the same sensations and sentiment.